Since the human body is so small in comparison to its surroundings, there are a few different ways to depict depth. It is hard to do scientific linear perspective as well as atmospheric perspective because of this fact. Therefore, we use a technique called 'foreshortening,' which essentially means that parts of the figure are drawn smaller in comparison to the others in order to give the sense of depth.

For this assignment, I had to lay my figure model casting on its side and pretend that I was looking at it from above. It was a little bit difficult to get back into drawing the whole figure after a few weeks of focusing of just features, so a few drawings weren't that well proportioned. Also, you'll have to forgive the quality of some of them. I was fighting off a severe migraine headache when I started two of them:


Elder Max and Sister Pat said...

Are you feeling better today? I think it was the "huge amplifiers. " Maybe you don't want them.

Sally said...

I can't get over all the different ways you can draw this statue. It is amazing. To draw one subject a gazillion ways would really hone your skills, huh?