Organic Modeling: ZBrush

This week we finished up the modeling in Maya in preparation to bringing our models into ZBrush. ZBrush is a high-resolution modeling and painting program that has a unique interface. For example, there is the 2.5D painting mode that allows to to paint and sculpt at the same time. The program stores depth into your paint strokes and allows you to go back and 'carve out' places or add new material:

Once the model is finished in Maya, I will export it and bring it into ZBrush for sculpting. I'll then take it and subdivide the model until there are millions of polygons on the model. The reason you don't do this in Maya is that a model with millions of polygons takes up a lot of memory and can really bog down your computer's performance as you are working. By working in ZBrush and saving out a normal map, you can retain a low-resolution model in Maya, but are able to subdivide and displace the mesh upon rendering.

The model subdivided (incorrectly apparently) in ZBrush

The final model in Maya.

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