Street Runner: Beauty Shots

It has been an intensive couple of weeks, but here she is, in all her pixelated glory:

For now I just wanted to get some high resolution renderings of it in a studio setting. The next step will be to do some animations showing how it moves.

These shots were rendered at full HD resolution and took anywhere between 20 minutes to 2 hours to fully render. I put a lot of different settings on high and just let it cook. It's almost as fun as watching paint dry.

Each of these shots has a few extra settings that I probably won't do in the animation demo, mainly because they take up a lot of computing time. First, the scene has an area light with area shadows. That means that there is a big square plane up above the car emitting light. The computer then traces the path of each light ray and can calculate just how fuzzy or clear the shadow will be at different parts. You can experiment yourself with that at home. The next setting that I have on is called Global Illumination. Basically, that makes the computer calculate how reflected light will bounce off of surfaces onto others. If the light was really bright, you would see some orange showing up on the ground, but I kept it fairly diffuse for now. The last setting I used is called Ambient Occlusion. That basically adds small shadows to the cracks, seams, and basically anywhere else two surfaces get close to each other. It simulates reality where light doesn't fully reach down into a crack or crevice.

The model is now fully rigged with just a few sliders to adjust to animate it fully. It even will calculate how fast the wheels will turn just by dragging a slider up to how many miles per hour the car is traveling. Next up I need to make a small animation and see how the rig holds up.

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